highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

December 29, 2011

In Christ Alone.

Ultimately it's all about God and Eternity.  God instructs us to pick up our cross and follow Him.  He also said, in Him we live, move and have our being.  God is not to be an "add-on" to our life, He is to BE our life.  God gives us a new found wisdom and knowledge to live our life and it will displace our own agenda of living.  As we live for God we make decisions that the world may think is foolish, but we have one thing on our mind, to bring honor to our King. We realize that now we are servants of the Most High God, with Heaven as our Home, we are only travelers here on this earth for one reason, to bring Him glory.  Yes, it is truly a life of faith knowing that we haven't seen our destination yet, but also knowing that without Him we are empty and we have a promise that He will never leave us or forsake us, we don't travel this journey alone, in Christ alone we place our Trust.

As We Wait~

For those who are in a "midnight of the soul", in distress and brokenhearted, God offers rest.
Some are suffering in this world today, as Job suffered.  It may not have the same look, but the deep suffering and the continuous of pain is familiar to what Job experienced.  Along with this pain is a sense of great loss and sorrow that is misunderstood to this world, as others look on.  There is no point in trying to explain the feelings that lie within the soul as there are no words that can give expression to it, nor could it be understood by man.  This is when the heart of man cries out to God from deep within the Spirit.  It's an utterance from the Spirit that can't be understood by man, but the Spirit of God hears; and He is the only One that can bring comfort, hope and change to the sorrow and suffering that is crushing upon the heart and mind.  There are some things in this life that take us to the very limit of our self......but with God, we are able to rise above our circumstance and give praise to the Mighty Creator and Author of all things.  We wait upon God to come to our rescue.....and as we wait, we praise.

December 22, 2011

Gift of Hope~

What a season of celebration.....God gave the gift of hope to all mankind by sending His Son to Earth.  While we celebrate and enjoy giving gifts to each other, let's not overlook the Words of Christ to care for the orphan and the widow, take what we have and share it with the poor.  Feed the hungry and visit those in prison. Following the example of God by giving the gift of hope to all mankind.

December 21, 2011

Take Heart~

In this life you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.
Miracles are waiting to be released into your life.  Good things are waiting for those that will put their faith in Me.  A healing and mending of the brokenness that lies within you, restoring those areas within you that man can't heal.  There are hurts that have caused a callous to surround your heart. I will turn your heart of stone into a heart of flesh; once again you will feel with the tenderness of a child's heart.  I know the pain you have endured and the suffering that lies within you. Yes, I am a God of compassion, but your suffering is not what moves My hand.  Faith in Me make the impossible, possible.

December 20, 2011

God is WITH us~

Emmanuel, God is WITH us.  And our God is FOR us.  What more could we need.  The enemy tries to discourage us with life situations, placing upon us a yoke of heaviness that we never were intended to carry.  As we take our eyes off our trouble and place them upon the Savior, we will sense the overflowing presence of God in our lives, knowing that He truly is with us. His eye is upon us, He has our name engraved upon His hand, He has the hairs of our head numbered. He sees us, He hears us, He knows every detail our our life and He loves us.  Consider Judas; Jesus knew that he was going to betray Jesus, and yet moments before He was betrayed, Jesus still referred to him as "friend".  God is ever for us and His Spirit is constantly encouraging us to look unto Him.  He is our "friend" and source of help and strength for the days we live in. Let's keep our eyes focused on Him.


Enter into His presence with thanksgiving and His courts with praise.  He is a mighty God, and more than able to deliver us from all that weighs us down.  We're not victims in this dark and lonely world, we are more than conquerors for the pulling down of strongholds.  The work has already been done and we are the recipients of this great gift, the gift of the Savior.  He came not only as a babe; but as our redeemer, our deliverer, our rescuer, our healer, our great and mighty King.  He is able to do what no power of man can do, the impossible. He works outside of the natural and in the supernatural.  He's the One who makes an axe head swim and a donkey speak, outside of the natural....  He gives sight to the blind and parts the sea, He does the miraculous!  He is great and greatly to be praised.  Let's celebrate the One who makes all things possible, the One who does the impossible.  Let the celebration begin!!!!

December 13, 2011

Appointed Time~

This is the appointed time in which God is planning a great move of  His Spirit to a level that we have never experienced before, it truly will be completely unfamiliar to us. He is choosing this time as there is much darkness across the face of the earth.  His ways are much higher than our ways and He is pushing back the darkness with a sovereign move of His power, glory and might.  He works outside of the natural and works within the supernatural, He makes the axe head swim, and a donkey to speak, He raises the dead and shuts the mouth of the Lion.  The miraculous is what our God specializes in.  The unusual, is what He does. He works outside of our limitations and abilities.  This is why we need to lean heavy into the presence of God; because we are living in a time when we need miracles to happen in this place!

November 19, 2011

Deep Calls~

There's a richness that is produced in life as we linger, in God's presence, growing our Spirit man.  This is the place where the purposes of God and the plans of man collide; causing us to awaken to our need of allowing God full control of our life.  This is when "Deep calls unto Deep", transferring in the Spirit realm the desires of man into a work of spiritual destiny.  This time that we spend in His presence, will give us a new understanding that God's ways are higher and better than our ways; causing us to alter our plans and align them to the plans of God.  It's a lasting transformation that allows our roots to grow deep, creating a fruitfulness to the soil of our heart.  Deep is calling unto Deep....He is waiting for us to meet Him there.


    Cast aside those things that weigh you down.  The Spirit of the Lord says, this heaviness of heart is not from Me.  I offer freedom from your weariness and I replace it with a light heart and an ease of My Spirit.  Develop this place with Me, lingering in My presence, not rushed by the cares of your mind.  In the quiet of the night you will find Me there.  In the stillness of your mind, you will find Me there.  Where ever you go, I am there when you choose to seek Me.  There is none like Me, I truly stick closer than a brother.  It's always up to your option in choosing to speak to Me or to allow Me in to speak to the quietness of your Spirit.  It's in moments like these, when I transfer the things from this world that have been embedded in your mind, into the things unseen, that impart a heavenly destiny. This is when your mind is renewed and your brokenness is healed.  I am the lifter of your head.....Time in My presence is time well spent.

November 14, 2011

Building Strong~

We're all in a Building Program called "life".  As we work at laying the foundation of our Spirit life, while growing our relationship with God, it can often feel tedious.  We'll consider taking short cuts, thinking we can arrive at the same place, but much quicker.  We need to invest our time with God to build our foundation well.  This will give us a settled and level ground to create a strong and solid life, that will allow us to stand through the test of time and the calamities in life.  We've all seen what happens when the building process is compromised; as the strong winds blow and the earth begins to shake, it never ends well.  So it is with our life.  If we've taken short cuts to build our relationship with God, we will realize at the very moment when we need a depth to our spirit, that suddenly we are standing in need of something that we thought wasn't necessary and now realize it's a vital part of our very existence with the Father. Let's take the time to Build STRONG.

Just Settle it Now~

Just settle it now, it's all about GRACE.
It's a profound thing when we recognize the signature of God's undeniable GRACE.
He covers our sins, offering us freedom, to live under the umbrella of His abounding love and  His unlimited GRACE.
Through Him we live with an underlying authority of power, as we function in His matchless GRACE.
He couples His Compassion with Mercy, when once again we recognize our Master's embrace, with the sweet fragrance of His amazing GRACE.
Nothing compares......this is the Love of our Father.
Lord, help us not abuse this precious gift.....
All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.

We're Mountain Movers!

There are things that transpire in the Spirit realm that can only be accessed by faith. We're in good company as we live this life of faith;
It was by faith that Moses stretched forth his hand and the sea opened.
It was by faith that Peter walked on water.
It was by faith that Joshua blew the trumpets and the walls of Jericho came down.
It was by faith that the woman with the issue of blood reached out and touched Jesus' robe.
It was by faith that Elijah challenged the Baal prophets.
God has assignments for each of us that requires different levels of faith.
We give life to Faith when coupled with an action; which causes a transfer from the heavenly realm, we now are walking by faith and not by sight. Faith by itself is dead, it requires an action to make it produce a result.  Faith by itself, can't speak, it can't walk, or have any function, on it's own it lies dormant.  God requires from us a life of faith; which means we are to be living an action packed life, partnered with our seed of faith, we now are accessing things in the Spirit realm that are unseen to the natural eye. Those unseen things are those supernatural moments, hanging suspended, in the heavenly realm, just waiting on our thread of action to connect to our seed of faith; which causes a trigger of explosion to a "faith that can move mountains"!


There are times runner's keep pace and steady themselves in the race, and then there are times to sprint to the finish line, and that time is now.  Much work needs to be done, in these last days. Run, run with great enthusiasm, the course has been set and the stop watch has been triggered.  Hear the sound from heaven, the great cloud of witnesses are cheering us on.  RUN! Run the race that is set before us.  This is not a time to compete, as we are all running our own race, but this is a time to encourage the other  runners and help them succeed.  We are all running to receive a prize and it is something of more value than any costly possession that can be purchased, it is more valuable than any trophy that we can win.  It is the prize of eternal destiny with the Father as we hear Him say
"well done thou good and faithful servant".  We will all win the prize if we faint not....so run the distant and don't give up......the end is in sight!

November 6, 2011

WOW~ It's Almost HERE!

The Spirit of the Lord says, "there's a fresh wind of My Spirit that is about to break forth".  And those things that you have been contending for will come to pass.  You will see it come to fruition in these next few months.  I have seen you waiting and crying out "when God, when".  Well, I'm telling you now, "the time has come for those that have labored and toiled for righteousness sake, " your ship has arrived", " it will not delay any longer".  A momentous thing has occurred in the heavenly realm and I have spoken the word "do not delay any longer" !!!  This is a time like never before in all of history, you will see the Glory of the Lord and the presence of My power in ways that no man could ever do.  There will be those that will try to copy or imitate My presence, but it will be a sad rendition of My glory.  When the power of My presence comes, you cannot stand under My presence, it will cause both believers and unbelievers alike to bow their knee to the Most Holy One, you will worship and adore Me, the One and Only, the King of Kings. The presence and power that will exude from Me will cause the lame to walk and the blind to see.  Healing, Restoration and much, much more will occur in My Name and My Name alone!

November 4, 2011

Eternal Interest~

Approach the Throne of God with an utterance that can only be heard in the heavenlies.  I hear the deep cry of your soul and I will respond to the needs that you have.  I am not short-sighted, but I have your eternal interest embedded within Me. Do not look outward to the  things of this world, but look to Me, the author and the finisher of your faith.  I have invested the life of My Son for you, so don't think that I don't care, that I don't know you or I don't see you.  My eye has never left you, I have given My Son to redeem you, what have you given Me?  I am looking for you to give your all to Me, as you seek after Me I will provide what you need.  I see the things you need through an eternal perspective, says the Spirit of the Lord, and you will soon understand that's all that matters.

November 3, 2011

"Strike Force"

This is a time to seek the throne of God....There is never a good time to be a "lone wolf" Christian and now, certainly is not that time.  The spirit of the age has fully come; and it is beyond time for we, as believers, to engage with the Spiritual Forces of Heaven to pull down and conquer strongholds that bind the work of the believers in this hour.  Things have advanced, we are at an imminent stage in history..... We are to stand united and strong with other believers who are willing to yield to the work of  the Spirit of God.  This is a time to send out the "strike force" team to demolish those things in the Spirit realm that are causing a wearing down of the saints.  No more will we take this battle in stride, we are doing a full on attack against the powers of darkness to the pulling down of strongholds!

Will you Respond?

You have been inhibited much too long, says the Spirit of the Lord....I have empowered you to be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom.  Step up and step out.  Things have progressed to a point of habitual wickedness across the face of the Earth.  I need the Mighty men and women of God to come forth and be what I have created you to be in this day that you live in .  This is not a time to procrastinate, but to move ahead looking forward to the things that have I placed upon your Spirit to become.  Don't be distracted by the evil around you, but gather your strength from Me and approach the throne of God with a loud cry for the people of the land.  Hasten, the time has come for all who will listen, quicken your steps toward Me and the things that I have for you to accomplish in these last days.  Much work is left to be done.  Will you respond to the call?

November 2, 2011


Advancing and forward thinking are  the things that God has for us.  A conscious decision to live our life looking ahead.  The Children of Israel often looked to their past and it took them to a place of wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.  We don't have the luxury to wander, we are too close to the end of times....we need to press ahead and not loiter behind.  We're in a time in history, when there is a longing within us for an easier time, often causing us to look to our past, living through our memories....if practiced often, this will cause us to become stagnant.  And when our mind is stagnant; we will be immobile, not moving ahead, always looking back is not living at all.  Looking back will not produce life. Let's not get stuck in our past, but let's be a spiritual reformist, in a continuous motion of forward-looking, activly pursuing God who gives life to the moment we're living in.


God gives us  a song in the night....
Sing it loudly, sing it strong.
As we sing it will silence the thoughts of doubt and fear that try to impede our spirit.
Singing will propel hope and a remembrance that we are victorious.
As we sing it creates an atmosphere of joy not allowing the dark clouds to settle upon the soul.
This song will implore angels to come and  war on our behalf.
sing, Sing, SING!!!!

October 29, 2011

Your Will be Done~

God, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
We often pray this without thought.... to arrive at the will of God, it may take us down a journey we didn't expect to travel......  As we're seeking the will of God it seems that it should be easy to have God align us to His will.  But, before we arrive at this place, sometimes we go through the fire......we think "this can't be right, God would never allow this"...... or we think "this is a detour from the enemy...."
And yet, upon final inspection, when we look within our self we see a new reflection of our Father, and an awareness of His presence ever with us.   This now is sounding more and more like the will of God.  We are now made into the image of Christ exuding his presence.
This has the signature of God written all over it.
God help us to always choose "your will be done". 

October 26, 2011

Out of Our Control~

Don't grow weary in well doing.  I have not called you to live a life that you can accomplish in the natural.  I have put upon you a mantle that can only be accomplished through My strength.  If it were something that you would be able to do within your self ~ then you would receive the credit for it.  I am worthy of all praise and I will not share My glory with anyone.  I alone will  receive the glory for the things that can only be accomplished by My Spirit.  Look out side of your self and into the Spirit of God, because I am impressing upon you to live at a level that requires more from you than you are able to do on your own.  I make dry bones come to life.  I part the sea.  I calm the storms.  I raise the dead.  I heal the lame, and blind eyes see.  I open the Earth and entomb rebellious Korah.  I cause the ax head to swim. I make a donkey speak......
Why would you even consider trying to perform in life from your own strength and ability when I offer you the supernatural power from My Spirit to live, move and have your being.
Live beyond your self  and LIVE through Me.

"Yield to My Spirit"

The Spirit of God is saying "yield to My Spirit".   There are areas of your life that you still seek to control, and you struggle with completely yielding to My Spirit.  At times you arrive at this place with Me when you give Me permission to use you in all areas of your life, but it only lasts for a moment. TRUST ME.  This is a time in season where I am asking of you to release everything to Me....all your desires, dreams and wishes, there is so much more that I have for you, but it will not come as long as you hold on tightly to those things that you think you can control. I have good things for you ~ allow Me to be the author of the rest of your life story.


This is a time when the Spirit of God is moving upon the Earth in such a way that we are being ushered into this place that is only led by our Spirit man. It's a new way of hearing and we have not experienced this before..... It is a voice we only hear in the Spirit realm.
In the past we didn't act upon what we heard unless we received confirmation in the natural realm.  But things have shifted to a new level and we are walking by faith and not by sight.  There seems to be a nudging in the Spirit that is unspoken but comes with a weightiness of the power of God and the scent of His presence.
As we are in this season of training, it requires different things of us as we enter into the presence of our God.  We realize NOTHING belongs to us, we are on this Earth only borrowing the things we claim ownership to.  We are here on Earth to be USED for the purposes of God.  So we need to stop posturing ourselves for our kingdom and abandon everything we think we have ownership to, into the loving arms of the our Father.  A new day has dawned and we are now walking "by faith".

Access Wide Open~

This is not a time to wait but to press on and move into all that I want you to do in this hour. I have given you the Keys to Heaven....come and enter in. The access to Me is wide open and I will meet with you and give you all that you need to accomplish those things that I have put within your Spirit to do. It is not by your might or by your power so why do you continue to worry and look within your self for something that you can't even do with out ME.  It is by My Spirit that you will accomplish these things that I have placed within you, says the Spirit of the Lord.

October 25, 2011

Trust and Obey

Count it as all joy, when you go through trials and tribulations.......  How easy this is to quote to someone else, when they are going through "stuff".  But somehow this quote for us, when we're in the fire, doesn't seem so comforting. To count it as JOY when we are suffering??? When we can understand this and put it into practice we have taken our faith to a whole new level bridging the gap of doubt;  putting an end to excusing our behavior or thoughts that are opposite the Word of God.  We now stand in a place with Christ; having faith in His Word, trusting in our Heavenly Father that He is truly working all things for our good. We are simply living a life of  "trust and obey".

October 21, 2011

Suit Up!

My Child, it's the dawning of a new day.  The time has come to rise up; and strap on your marching boots; and position your self in The Army of The Lord, as the mighty ones in Spirit are gathering for a tearing down of strongholds.  There is a freshness in the air as we march side by side, it is the mighty ones strengthening each other as they have heard the same battle cry.  It's not a time to lament the past but to press on, for the victory lies ahead.  There is strength in numbers, but there is GREATER strength in My Spirit and I will fight this battle for you. Just as I had Gideon go into battle with few in number I will do the same for you, I will come and demolish any weapon that rises up against you. This is a time for casting down of strongholds.  This happens in the spirit,  but it does require time spent with Me singing, dancing, praising and pushing back the enemy as you seek My face.  Time spent with Me will do more than any physical strength can do.  Time spent with Me will do more than any of your own thoughts or ideas could do.  Don't go into battle unprotected, suit up by being in My presence.  "MARCH, I say MARCH".............

October 19, 2011

"Climb Aboard"

Higher, so much higher are My ways, says the Lord Almighty. 
When you experience pain and suffering beyond your ability to control, I see an opportunity for a miracle.
When you travel through the "valley of death" fear no evil for I am with you.  This "valley" has a very different feel than your every day trial.  In the Spirit realm, it has a uniqueness about it and you know "I have never walked this route before". It is definitely a path, that in the natural feels of danger.  But I speak "Peace" to you because I am with you.  I know the terrain is rough and the edges are jagged, but I am holding your hand and at times I carry you on My shoulders. I am walking this with you.  I know this path is narrow and has steep drop-offs, but I have a different perspective.
I see new growth, I see new life, I see a freshness in the spirit, I see an impartation that is on the horizon, I see victory.
You're welcome to climb on My shoulders as we walk this together, you will see the view is much different from here.


If "busyness" could fix things, we would have no trouble in our life.  But the reality is this.....that busyness is a distraction.  There is a genuine need for change to come to this broken world and the only antidote is on our knees before the Almighty King who is the author of those things yet written.
We need the Master to imprint His thoughts into our life so we can help bring change to this lost and dying world; and this will only happen as we spend time with Him.  As we gain wisdom and knowledge by being in His presence, we will have the power to live in this environment of distractions, but not allow it to invade our minds.  We will stay steady on our charted course as we spend time on our knees.

"EASY Button"

Why is it that we don't get to pick our battles..... they pick us.  God knows the heart of mankind and we would always choose the battle titled "easy", which would produce within us a self-centered approach to life and others.  But when our battles come in many different forms we realize this is more about God structuring us to be changed from within so that we can be used, to strengthen others and encourage them in this walk of life. 
There are times in life we would love to push the "easy button" because the battle is bigger than we can endure.  That's when we need to lean into the arms of our Heavenly Father; and tap into the Spirit of the Most High God. We need to take the "trump card" that HE offers which is, "this battle belongs to GOD", He wants to fight it for us. When our battle is too big to handle, we need to LEAN upon the everlasting arms of God, that is our "easy button".

October 18, 2011


The walls of our Jericho must come down; and they will come down with a shout of triumph!!! As children of the "Most High God"  are not to walk defeated, but to march with purpose exposing the strongholds which are weakened as we march and they will crumble with  our praise!  That's the rumbling that can be heard in the Spirit....it's the walls tumbling down! We as believers "put up" with too many things in life that the enemy sends to re-enforce the walls  ~ But the time has come for us to "MARCH" and break down the barriers and hindrances that have been allowed to build up and be part of our life.  NO MORE do we accept these walls and integrate them into our life.  "MARCH"  I say "MARCH"
and the walls came a tumbling down!

October 16, 2011


There is excitement in the air...
There is great anticipation and unusual expectation .....
The spirit realm is busy with the positioning of all things for the breaking down of strongholds. 
An awareness is being ushered in of the GREATNESS of our God and it will cause a great stirring in the Earth. This stirring is not man made, but a heavenly visitation that will bring excitement to the church, as believers are set free.  It will also awaken a desire from the world to investigate this
"new thing" that has arrived with such force. There will be such an unusual presence of the "ALMIGHTY" that man will be compelled to drop to his knees in holy reverence. Many will turn to our loving Father, eager to yield to Him, allowing God all authority in their lives. It will be a time period when we will experience Him in Presence, Healing, Help, Deliverance, Restoration, Miracles, Signs, Wonders and most importantly as our SAVIOR.
What's coming is such an awareness of who HE truly is, that we will join in the resounding song from the skies....."HOW GREAT is OUR GOD"!

October 15, 2011

We're not Alone~

We are not in this race alone, we run along-side partners in the faith.  And we’re asked to embrace others that run with us as some are suffering loss and staggering to maintain their pace.  Our goal is to encourage, strengthening those that are weary and beat down, with  afflictions of the heart engraved deep upon their mind.  These afflictions which are great force them to carry extra weight, that hinders their stride as they falter and faint.  We’re not to push past them, but stop to embrace, and as we reach out in love it will help them finish their race.

October 14, 2011

Friend of God~

It is not as you see it now, but truly there is a different scene that is transpiring in the "spirit realm" .  It can be sensed now in the Spirit, but will not manifest in the natural realm until laterAs with Abraham; it is good to be identified as "a friend of God" ~ one that God will speak to, giving direction for life. The Spirit of God is fully aware of our present circumstances and needs, and those areas that we have titled "too much to handle" or "impossible". We can be sure that He is working right now for us, in the unseen realm, as our protector and manager in life. And "as a friend of God" we will hear the directing of His voice by way of dreams, visions, words.... that will bring a confidence that He is fully in control of our life and directing our every step.

October 13, 2011

There is POWER in relationship!

There is power in relationship.  As we link our arms in the Masters we will go further and stronger than we ever could alone.  We are advancing into areas of life that have been closed off regardless of it being intentional by us or others.  There has been a steady grind and a wearing down of the mighty men and women of faith, yet they have endured and are giants in the land for the conquering and pulling down of strongholds.  Beware of the spirit of apathy whispering in your ear,” things are never going to change”.  Beware of the spirits called coward, victim and isolation…..they would love to keep stride with us, as in the past, and try to dictate our destination. We have been called to rise up and shake off those things that have hindered us. In the past there have been areas that have been off limits to be used for the purposes of God.  But it’s a new day and the season has begun.   Expect miracles, blessings and power that come from the unity of relationship with our Master.  We have the spirit of an over comer that is courageous and suited for battle, conquering the present needs and struggles and yet not neglecting the past, but reaching back to reclaim the lost and weary soldiers limping in this race.


October 12, 2011

My Voice~

Do you hear My voice in the thunder.  Can you see My strength in the waves.  Can you feel My force when the winds blow or do you acknowledge My presence in the breeze.   I am all around you, My presence is as near as you allow.  I don’t set the limitations of our relationship….it is solely yours to control.  I  do things to cause our relationship to flourish; I will seek for your attention to acknowledge My name, but it's always up to you, My child, to respond as I offer you My grace.  I come to you gently, calling to the stillness of your heart.  You never need to question or ever wonder if I am by your side.  Truth is, I will never leave you or forsake you, only you alone can ignore Me and abandon this gift of grace.  I am ever knocking and earnestly calling out your name.  When you hear the thunders rumble or hear the ocean's roaring waves remember it's My voice calling, respond and don't hesitate.

October 11, 2011

He has it all under Control~

The Living God is here right now to come to our rescue. He is all powerful and will show Himself faithful and true. He is more than able and willing to do what no power of man can do.  He is like a vapor that can seep into any crack or crevice; areas that no man can reach, our God can bring His soothing touch and heal the scars and the fractures that can come from life.  As we put all our trust and confidence in Him we will witness our Faithful One come to our rescue.  Let’s praise Him now, even in the midnight hour, for He has it all under control! 

October 7, 2011

He is on His Way~

We will not bow to the pressures in life instead we will bow before our Maker and King; our strength and help will come from settling down in complete dependence on God.  He is an all-consuming fire that will burn away those areas in our life that have been held hostage, exploited by the enemy.  This process will refine our spirit transforming us as though pure gold crafted from the Master’s hand.   As we trust in Him let's allow God complete access to those areas that we have guarded or closed off.  This is a time of re-shaping because without the intervention of God we are hopeless, therefore, we speak to our emotions, we speak to our mind, and we speak to our heart….rejoice, because God is coming to our rescue.  As we lean into Him we will witness the living God, He is a savior and rescuer.  He performs astonishing miracles.  God is here, right here, He is on his way to put things right.  He’s on this Way!  He’ll rescue us!  

October 6, 2011

We Won't WAVER~

Let the winds blow and the storm push against us, it won’t cause us to alter the plans that God has for us, it only increases our need to stay on track, steady in God.    After all, we are citizens of  Heaven and the road we’re taking isn’t called “easy street”, it's called the “Highway to Holiness” it is the road less traveled and very few find it.  So, we take the approach of praise~ celebrating our God, as our praises shape our prayers once again our spirit rejoices and we sense The Master coming alongside us in our trouble…it truly is a beautiful thing.  So let’s celebrate God all day long.  We won’t waver!

October 5, 2011

Catch the WAVE!

There is a mighty wave of the Spirit that is coming in Great power; to bring deliverance to those in bondage, healing to the sick, wholeness to the hurting, restoration to the broken, and salvation to those seeking.  Catch the wave of the Spirit as it is approaching with a thunderous roar.  This wave is mounting and building, gaining momentum that will take us into the power of God Almighty with a great display of miracles, signs and wonders.   We, as the friends of God, need to be united in the purposes of God and celebrate the greatness of the King of Kings.  As we catch the wave of the Spirit there will be a victory shout that will be recorded in the heavenlies that we, the mighty Warriors, are marching in unity established not by the power of man, but by the living God, who is breathing into the very wave that the Warriors are riding.  Catch the WAVE! 

October 4, 2011

The Struggle is not Between us and God~

God is always for us….so the struggle lies within the very heart of man to have his own will and his own way.  As we continue to say yes to God and no to “self” we loosen the grip of “I want it my way” and we  allow the divine will of God to manifest His purpose within us.   Our circumstance may not change but our hearts will change at which point we gain the transformation of having our minds renewed.  This is a road less traveled and not a popular choice to break the mould of not conforming to the ways of man or put another way,  when our mind is renewed we realize it is not at all about us….it is all about Him.  That’s when the “peace of God” will come and we will have the courage to live the life God wants us to live even when the going gets tough.     

October 3, 2011


When the path is unclear and the way is uncertain, follow the One who is ever present, guiding us along the unfamiliar pathway of life.  Faithful is His name, He gives help to the weary and direction for the wanderer.  As we take the road that’s less traveled there will be fewer road signs to follow therefore, we are called to “walk by faith and not by sight.”  The road will at times take detours we don’t expect, but there is blessing in the process of trusting the One who is faithful and True.  He will lead us in the pathway that is planned to take us to our destination in life.  Trust God as He is faithful to lead the way.

September 27, 2011

United We Stand

Hear the voice of The Father calling out to you. This is a time of rejoicing; enter into all that I have for you. Rejoice, Rejoice, Rejoice. There is coming a day when no man will work …Work for Me today. This is a time of "working united in the faith" in the natural there appears to be trouble on all sides, but I come with an anointing to release upon My children in this hour that will accomplish great things for the Kingdom.  Rise up and shake off the weariness that tries to entangle you; rise up and receive from Me all that I long to give you. This anointing will empower you to do the work that I have called you to in this hour.  Much will be accomplished as each one works side by side united in the faith. The time is short and there is much work to be done. So rise up and receive from Me. Rejoice for I am with you.

August 19, 2011

God's Presence~

We are living in desperate days, as the world thrusts powerlessness and hopelessness on us, enslaving us to live an ineffective life.  But God is mighty and He is moving across the earth right now listening for those who will call out to Him in a Spirit of humility and repentance.  God's presence has power that will impact our life, changing us not just for the moment but for eternity.  God's presence cannot be duplicated by man and it will insulate us from the chaos of this world.  God's presence will empower us to stand on high ground in the Spirit realm, seeing circumstances through the eyes of the spirit and not in the natural.  When God displays his presence within us, all things take order in our life, prioritized according to God and not the ways of man.  Let us live in the presence of our God.

August 17, 2011


When we "encounter" the power of God and who He is we will never be the same.  We can have many different "experiences" that are spiritual, but they leave us only wanting more "experiences".  As we "encounter" God it plants within us the power and the knowledge of who our God truly is, and we can't help but be humbled in His Presence as we are met with the understanding that we needful of Him, and we are a sinner saved by grace.  "Encounters" with Him embed within our hearts an overwhelming pursuance to have Him change us from within, removing those things from us that does not bring honor to Him.    "Encounters" with God humble us, change us and place within us a desire to only want to do the will of the Father.  "Encounters" with the Father are deep calling unto deep, while "experiences" are shallow and fleeting....we need "encounters" that impact our spirit and change our prayers from an earthly level of materialism to a level in the Spirit, seeking God for who He is and not just for His gifts

August 12, 2011


“Abundance from above will flow upon My children in this hour.  I have an abundance of health, provision, joy, peace, and an abundance of My Spirit and Power to deliver those that are oppressed and bound by the things of this world.  I am Great and Mighty there is none like Me so establish your Spirit upon Me and I will flood you with a wealth of My Spirit that will satisfy your every longing.  Do you hear My voice calling out to you….as you listen for Me I am speaking the things that I have for you to accomplish in this hour. And you will need an abundance of My Spirit to complete the assignments that I have for you.  Don’t delay but make it a necessary part of your day to seek after Me as if your very life depends on it…because it does!”

August 9, 2011


Samson’s life is a great example of how we also live our lives, which is imperfect.  Not that we desire to be this way, but Samson like us, was self-centered, lived by emotion, he made bad decisions, and developed relationships with disloyal people. God didn't hold Samson’s imperfect and negative qualities against him.  But even in his messed up life, Samson still had access to the Power of God to do remarkable and unimaginable things. Samson’s poor decisions did affect him-self and impact his own life.  But, we see God was still working His plan even at the time of Samson’s greatest loss of both his eyesight and his freedom.  During his darkest days, God hadn’t forgotten him, but was preparing Samson for the main event which resulted in God using Samson to accomplish more in those final moments of his life than his life in its entirety.  What great news for us, as we realize that even when our life is a mess and it appears to be a complete opposite as to what we think the plan should look like; God is greater than our emotions, our relationships and our darkest hour.  God wants to breathe His strength into us and work in mighty ways to accomplish His plan for our life.  Don’t give in to the voice of regrets, insignificance or the voice that tries to chain us to the cross to earn perfection or our place with Christ.  God wants to take the Samsons of this world with our messed up and imperfect lives to powerfully be used of God.

August 4, 2011


“Don’t despair I am working all things for your good.  I have never left you or abandon you.  This is a season of leaning on Me and I will show Myself to be great.  I am filling you this very moment with the strength and power of My words.  I am more than enough for you.  I have not asked you to do something that I will not equip within you to complete.  I am watching over you and directing your every step.  You will not miss the things that I have for you to do in these last days.  But you are advancing even now into a new realm in My presence that will empower you to do greater things.  Don’t allow these thoughts to become words and say, "My God has forgotten me".  Because I am directing you to speak "truth" and the truth is I have never left you.  My eyes are always watching you.  I have every hair on your head numbered.  So no, I have not forgotten you.  I love you and I will complete all the things I have spoken to you.  Rejoice!!!!” Says the Spirit of the Lord.

July 31, 2011

I Am With You~

Spend time with Me.  In My presence you will find fullness of joy.  I am working ~ even when you can’t see the results of what I am doing at this very moment.  Great things are happening right now in the heavenly realm.  There is a flowing of My Spirit that is causing the very movement of the land to restructure.  For the Greatness of who I am is going to be revealed on the face of this land.  Many will cry out to Me in their final moments and I will remember them and I will not turn My back on them.  Many will cry out in a loud voice saying there is no God because of the tragedy that is plaguing the earth right now.  But I am sending warriors out to do battle cries saying, 'The King is here, He has arrived and we are to give Him Glory.  We are to give Him Praise.  We are to adore and worship the One and Only who is Holy and True.'  There will be many who will be looking for the return of the Messiah, they will recognize the signs and they will begin to rejoice because they see the end is drawing near.  Now hear My Words spoken to you today.  "ReJoice because I am with you and I will never leave you or forsake you."

July 29, 2011

Eternal Purposes~

The Spirit of God is calling, “I desire to use you in great ways.  Allow Me to use your mouth to speak the greatness of who I am.  Allow Me to use your feet to take the "Good News" to those waiting to hear.  Allow Me to use your hands to reach out to those hurting in this lost and dying world.  Allow Me to use your finances to help the orphans and the widows.  Allow Me to use your ears to hear the leading of My voice.  Allow Me to use your heart to offer compassion to the unlovely.  Allow Me to use your talents to lead others into the Kingdom.  Allow Me to use your time to pray for those in distress.  Allow Me to expand your Spirit to do things you’ve never thought possible.  Allow Me to be God working through you.” 

July 26, 2011


Hear the voice of the Father calling out, “Come and enter in, there is so much that I have for you.  I will bring restoration to your lost hopes and dreams. I have healing for your heart and soul.  I desire to give wealth to your Spirit beyond measure and joy without compare.  Don’t satisfy your self with the temporal things that this world has to offer.  Come boldly before the throne of grace and I will not only bless you, but I will do more than you can imagine both in this present day and for eternity.  Come, Come I’m calling."

July 25, 2011

God is God and We are Not~

Because God’s Truth is absolute we need to stick to the Truth, the whole Truth and nothing but the Truth.  We are living in a culture that is altering “truth” so all can feel comfortable in their sin. Even within Church society we are experiencing a “cut and paste” from the Word of God to fit what seems right or logical to man.  And when man is “enlightened” by his own thoughts he unwittingly claims to know more than God Almighty, therefore, he places himself above God.  When we reduce God to the point that He is small enough to equal the intellect of man we have made a tragic mistake.  Exchanging “truth” for a falsity is a grave error and carries with it a weighty consequence. What a horrific sorrow for those deceived and the final result will be a much greater loss than we can comprehend.  We need to be full of the knowledge of who God is and let God be God and Truth be Truth.  As we read the Word we will know the “truth” and  we won’t be deceived and led astray.
You must not have any other god but Me. Deut. 5:7

July 20, 2011

Awaken the Giant~

The Spirit Realm is full of activity. The enemy is trying to detour the body of Christ by deceit, laziness and division.  If the enemy were successful he would lull the Church into a slumbering state to be ineffective and  unable to comprehend the seriousness of the hour.  But, the power of God is awakening the Giant within us to arise in this final hour and fight the good fight of faith.  God has appointed each one to conquer ground for the Kingdom while we travel this earth.  We’re to co-labor with Christ, we have a responsibility to participate with Him, “Faith without works is dead”.  With the end fast approaching we must not delay any longer, but we are to take our assignments from God and work for eternity.  Because the only thing on this earth that matters is living for eternity.  So arise, in this our final hour! 
“We must quickly carry out the tasks assigned us by the One who sent us.  The night is coming, and then no one can work." John 9:4. 

July 19, 2011


We are not to be influenced by this world instead we are to be immovable in our faith.  We are not to conform to the world, or to be entangled with the mindset of our culture, not allowing the world to corrupt us.  This takes discipline and is a conscience decision which requires intentional living.  We need to be a transformer, renewing our mind to be like Christ and unshackling our self from the ways of this world. As we align with God we develop our faith to be immovable which attracts others to the Kingdom.  Our goal is to please The Father and to hear these words “well done, good and faithful servant.”
"Be on Guard.  Stand firm in the faith.  Be Courageous.  Be Strong and do everything with Love." 1 Corn. 16:13 

July 18, 2011


No one is exempt it is required of all mankind.  Choose you this day who you will serve.
Do you claim Him as your Savior and Conquering King, or do you deny Him the rights over everything.
Our decision on earth is the only key that unlocks our eternal destiny.
We are all eternal beings in this we have no choice.  Therefore, be wise and obey The Father’s voice.
And with our final breath our Spirit leaves our flesh.
So there will be no time for questions or any hesitation as in an instant we’ve arrived, our eternal destination. CCole

Eternity, Eternity where will you spend Eternity and what will you do with Jesus?  LCrowder

July 15, 2011

What a Day!

There is coming a day when “The Church” will experience the enveloping love of the Father unobstructed by the powers of darkness.  All will give honor, glory and praise to Him, acknowledging God as the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords.  We will join with the song the angels sing, HOLY, HOLY, HOLY is the Lord of Heaven’s Armies!  All human pride will be brought down, and human arrogance will be humbled.  Therefore, while we are tethered to the earth, let’s seek out those things that please the Father and give Him the Honor that He deserves, singing the earth is filled with His glory, acknowledging Him as the One and Only, True and Holy King of Kings.

July 14, 2011

Throne Room Miracles~

The book of Esther is rich and full of the provision of God by miraculous answers to prayer.  We see the positioning of God over and over with Mordecai and Esther.  We also see what the enemy meant for evil God uses it for good.   By outward appearance and the facts that were transpiring in this story, it would seem like the outcome for the Jews wouldn’t end well.  But, this book is a great example of God working behind the scene.  There are several occasions in this short book where we observe the plan of the enemy reversing on itself and the very opposite happens than what had been planned.  Through out this book God was positioning, protecting and blessing His children and we can know He is doing the same for us.  There can by times when the trouble that surrounds us can appear that it will overtake us.  But we have a God that is continually working the miraculous on our behalf and as we trust Him; He doesn't just stop the plan of the enemy, He reverses the curse and we receive a blessing instead.  This is a good reminder for us to transfer our focus from our situation and trust God as He is working miracles for us behind the scene.  

July 13, 2011

Gifts from The Father~

Hear My voice calling you.  I love you with an everlasting love.  Come, I want to pour on you more than enough.  There are people and life situations that have tried to take the promise that I’ve given to you.  But, the gift belongs to you.  It has My signature on it.  Don’t allow discouragement to slow you down.  Come and receive what I have given to you.

July 11, 2011

Today the "Perfect Scenario"~

There are people in our life that we can influence for the Kingdom.  What is the area of ministry that is in need of someone with our gifting and abilities.  What neighbor is in need of a friendly wave or a cheery hello?  Who are the people that we “rub shoulders” with on a weekly basis that could use a positive voice or a happy smile.  We encounter people every day that are in need of someone who will care enough to take the time and interest to interact with them, either by our actions or conversation, and help direct them to the only thing that matters, life with Christ and heaven as their home.  Let’s not wait for what we think is the “perfect scenario”.  "Farmers who wait for perfect weather never plant if they watch every cloud, they never harvest." Ecc. 11:4

July 8, 2011

Living for the King~

God is active in our world.  He is not silent or uninvolved; He is at all times accomplishing His master plan. We see over and over in scripture how God positions people to be used to further Kingdom purposes.  As in the story of Nehemiah, it doesn’t matter what our natural occupation is.  God took Nehemiah out of a position of serving the king and used him to be a contractor for the King of Kings.  In the story of Esther, she is taken out of a common life and given the position of a queen.  But the opposite transpires for Moses; he is taken out of royalty and placed in the wilderness.  There are many examples of God displacing people from their natural duties and reassigning them for the work of the King.  God is strategically placing all who are willing to be used for the Kingdom and sometimes that means giving up of what we think is right or good for our life. So let’s not lock ourselves into a position in life without giving God consent to do with us as He pleases. 

July 7, 2011

Anchor Yourself~

Anchor yourself to the solid rock which is immovable, unchanging and true.  These are days of trials, uncertainty, days of confusion and of waiting.  But the best is yet to come.  The Spirit of the Lord says, “Look unto Me, I do all things well and I work according to My plan and not the ways of man.  There is much I will do in and through you as you look unto Me.  I have not abandon or forsaken you.  I will fulfill all that I have spoken to you.  Don’t look to the left or to the right.  But look to Me, I will guide you and make the way straight for you to accomplish all that I have planned for you to do.  Cling to the Rock and I will anchor your soul.    

July 6, 2011

Light at the end of the tunnel~

Blessed is the man who continues to put his hope and confidence in The LIGHT of the world.  He is the restorer of the brokenhearted. He is the One who sets the captive free.  He gives sight to the blind and He is the Redeemer of mankind.  He is The Light and there is no darkness that The Light cannot penetrate.  Are you suffering in your Spirit?  Look to The Light.  Are you wounded in your Soul?  Look to The Light.   When God spoke “let there be light”, the darkness had to surrender and make room for the light.  So it is the same with the very breath that God gives us to speak with.  As we call for The Light to shine bright into the midnight of our soul the darkness has to surrender and make room for The Light.  Do not give up hope there is Light at the end of the tunnel.

June 28, 2011

Unified Message~

Hear the sound from Heaven.  It is a strong and mighty army marching for the King. They are clothed in righteous armor crying “prepare the way for the King”.  Shouting, “His return is imminent and His justice will prevail.” Waving a banner inscribed, He is Mighty, Holy; Worthy and True.   Their voice is a unified message, “He is the One and Only Savior and the Redeemer for all men.  Surrender to the Master, we are truly living in the END.”

June 24, 2011


The Spirit of the Lord says “I love you with an everlasting love.  Arise above the sounds of the earth, the chaos and confusion that swirl in your mind. Enter into the sound of heaven that offers a peace that passes natural understanding.  There is much taking place in the Spirit realm on your behalf.  So trust Me, I work all things for your good."

June 22, 2011

Do We Trust Him ~

Trusting in God makes all the difference.
Daniel in the Lion’s Den was saved from certain death because “He Trusted God.” And yet the following verse describes the demise of the conspirators and their families, at the jaws of the very Lions that didn’t put a scratch on Daniel.
As an act of faith, Israel walked through the Red Sea on dry ground.  The Egyptians tried it and drowned.  They could not borrow the faith of the Israelites to keep the waters parted; and the sea overtook them.
We may encounter the same life situation as the faithless yet our outcome will be completely different because we “Trust God.”
What ever our situation or circumstance “Have Faith in God”.
He is mighty to defend us, protect us and direct us.  It is not by our Might or by our Power but by the Spirit of God says the Lord of Host.
Without Daniel’s Faith in God, there would be no story about Daniel in the Lion’s Den.
Without Israel’s Faith in God there would be no story about the Red Sea opening and the Israelites crossing on dry ground.
What “faith story” from our lives is yet to unfold as we “Trust God”?  Scripture is full of examples to strengthen our Faith. 
Trust Him for the impossible.

June 21, 2011

Join The Chorus~

Join in the chorus that all Nature sings Mighty is the Maker and Creator of all things.  Worthy, Worthy sings the ocean in its roar telling the King of Kings He is the One they adore.  Birds in the air voice a continuous song urging all Creation to sing along. The flowers in the fields lift their faces to the sky and all of Nature sings to the King on High. Worthy, Worthy the Heavens declare as the Stars shine forth in the midnight air.  The mammals in the deep waters echo the song as the whole of Creation sings along. Worthy, Worthy is the King on high give Him Praise and Honor is their reply.   The trees of the forest bend and sway keeping rhythm to the music that all Nature plays.  Oh join in the sound of the worship to our King, as the Universe declares their Glory as they sing. The Earth will not ignore its Maker and King and knows He is the Author of all living thing.  C~

June 20, 2011

Not Average~

"I am NOT a God that does the average.  Miraculous are My ways.
I close the mouth of the Lion.
I make the axe head swim.
I multiply 5 loaves, 2 fish and feed 5,000.
I open the Red Sea and the Israelites walk across on dry ground.
I give sight to the blind.
I cause the lame to walk.
I raise the dead.
I don't wade in water I walk on water.
I don't do average.
I AM more than enough for your every need.  Trust Me.
I AM the maker of Miracles.
I will calm your storm.
I will come to your rescue.
I AM The Miracle Maker." 

June 17, 2011

The Battle Belongs to God

Occupy yourself with Truth.  The Battle does not belong in our mind ~ The Battle belongs to God.  Take every thought captive.  If we allow negative, bad, unlovely thoughts an audience within our mind, then we unwittingly give them an occupancy permit and they take residence within us. We now own the Battle that God wants to fight.  But as we think on things that are lovely, gracious, the best and not the worst, good and not bad, beautiful and not ugly, things to praise and not things to curse Truth will take residence within our mind.  As we fill our mind with truth we transfer the Battle to God.

June 16, 2011

Heart to Heart ~

"What is it that you want, what is it that you need ~ I have a vast supply.   I am looking for a people who will honor Me not just in word but in Spirit.  I am not interested in a one-sided relationship.  My love for you is never ending ~ I desire all of you, not parts of who you are and not when it's only convenient for you.  I want a people who will worship Me with feeling and meaning behind the Words in the songs you sing to Me.  Not just routine or a thoughtless time spent with Me.  Engage your heart, mind and Spirit when you come to Me and I will not disappoint you."

June 15, 2011

Unlimited Power

The Power of God is all consuming ~ it is without limits and beyond all of our natural abilities. 
“Have I not given you the Keys to the Kingdom…You have free access of Me ~The Power that I offer you cannot be bought or sold, I give it to you freely.  Why is it that you only stand at the open door and peer in ~ I have opened the door wide ~ Enter in to all that I have for you."  Unlimited Power …..

June 13, 2011

Busy Being and Doing

Life interruptions come in many forms….when we experience them, do we pause long enough to see how God would like to move in the moment, or are we so caught up in the process of getting to our destination with God that we miss these God moments.  Just like the story of  the Blind Man calling out to Jesus, those traveling with Jesus, tried to shush the man as they saw it as a disruption…. they were “going places” with God.  If left to the people, the Blind Man; would not have received his sight.  As we practice this perspective, allowing room for “life interruptions”,  it may prove to be positioning for a "God Moment".

June 10, 2011

A New Sound~

Hear the sound coming from the heavenlies…it’s a “new sound” that will travel across the Land.  Ready your heart, by tuning into the Spirit of God, which is carrying this sound coming from heaven.  It is a sound of triumph and not despair, it is a sound of victory and not defeat, and it is a sound that exalts the King of Kings and the Lord of Lords!!!  Enter into the Spirit realm of the Almighty and share in this joyous time……

June 9, 2011

Higher Ground~

There is a place in the Spirit that the Lord is calling us to travel.....Higher Ground is the destination.   He gives this vision, of a city in a Valley surrounded by mountains, it is a cold evening, and lights are on in each home with smoke curling out of the chimneys.  The Lord says, "The Valley is where most Christians live.... where it seems safe and comfortable, but the Spirit says, travel with Me up the mountain."  We approach the lower level of the mountain and here we find about ten houses.  He says, "come up higher," at the second stop we see only 2-3 homes.  The Spirit says, "come all the way up to the top" ~ when we arrive, He says, "This is where I want you to live, at the top of the mountain"  ~ from this view you have a different perspective than living in the Valley ~ here you are high above the clouds ~ you can see great distances.  At the Top of the Mountain you are at the height of a soaring Eagle. Put on your boots, it is time to climb......

June 8, 2011

"Anchors Away"

"Go out into the deep", the voice of the Spirit is calling you....pull up the anchors of life that weigh you down and cause you to linger in areas that are comfortable for you.  Push out into the deep...into the waters that you have not charted before, areas that are unknown to you.  This requires a new trust in Me, because, the areas you are being called to navigate are bigger than yourself. Therefore, it places a greater reliance in Me to develop this "new thing" within you that will take you higher in the Spirit.  Anchors Away!

June 7, 2011

Press On!

There is a separation that is happening in lives right now that can cause confusion in people's minds.  God is allowing situations or "things" to be "cut away" from us as they may have been things that "weigh us down".  Because we are both Natural man and Spirit man we will have two different processes and emotions that transpire during this time.  The natural man will experience a time of grieving the loss of something that has been a part of who we are.  While grieving is natural, we don't allow it to alter the course of our life.  Which means we don't live by the emotion of grieving and get stalled in our faith, but seek to embrace those things that God wants to work in and through us during this time. As the Spirit man is walking this same course of life within us ~ He is the One that will encourage us to push on towards our Most High calling to fulfill the destiny that God has placed upon us.  Press on, it is for our good!

June 6, 2011

Hope Restored

Trust in the Lord with all your heart and lean not unto your own understanding in all your ways acknowledge Him and He will direct your path.  When we try to logically process things that happen in our lives we are giving room for "self " to lead us.  We are called to be led by the spirit and that can only happen as we put our hope, faith and confidence in the Lord....to trust Him.  There are areas in our lives we need to stop logically working through and trust the character of God.  He is for us and He is faithful to complete those things He has spoken.  In the process of trusting Him ~ hope will be restored.

June 4, 2011

Let the Celebration Begin

What a time we're living in ~ we are alive for such a time as this to experience the fullness of the power of God.  He is going to pour out His Spirit on all flesh and we will witness things upon the earth that we've never seen before.  Just like a rooster crowing in the early hours before the sunrise announcing that daylight is coming so should we celebrate and proclaim the greatness of God during our dark times.  God is going to bring His "Super" into our "Natural" and we will witness the "SuperNatural"   So Let the Celebration Begin!

June 3, 2011

God Is For Us!

This is a rich time in the Spirit realm ~ God is hovering over us desiring to impart the things that will bless us and give direction for our lives.  He longs to take us to higher ground and as we are co-laborers with Christ we are called to participate with the Holy Spirit and put action into our relationship with Him.  God is always for us and He is forever guiding us into bigger and better things in the Spirit.  Push on, move ahead because we are not alone ~ He for us!

June 2, 2011

Three Doors

The Spirit of the Lord says, "There remain three doors before you, a door of the flesh, a door of the Spirit and one of the world.  The "door" that you feed will open wide. As you remain in Me and seek after Me I will pour upon you a freshness of My Spirit that will direct your life in these coming days.  Stay close to Me and I will begin to do things within you and for you that you have never witnessed before.  This Door remains to be opened for all who choose to enter."

June 1, 2011

New Life

The Spirit of the Lord says "There is an anointing that will flow upon you in this hour that will cause  a refreshing to come to those areas of your life that have been dormant in these past years.  I will bring an awakening to both your heart and mind that can only come from My Spirit.  Receive from Me in this time as there has never been an outpouring upon mankind like what is coming.  REJOICE !!!''

May 31, 2011

United We Stand

This appears to be a season of standing....and when you have done everything ~ just stand!  There is a cry going out across the land from the Spirit of the Most Holy One...."Just Stand".  This is not a time to quit or retreat but to take a position with the Lord and "just stand".  He wants to move us like a chess piece, positioning us for Kingdom purposes and as we stand with the Most Holy One to believe the promises that He has spoken to us in the quiet of the night, and not vying for the attention of man or trying to position ourselves then He is able to not only position us but also use us to fulfill in these last days our God given destiny to bring Glory to God ~ So Just Stand.

April 28, 2011

david wilkerson

with the tragic passing of david wilkerson we are suffering a great loss to our nation. who among us is willing to take on that role to influence our nation.....it will take many of us to fill the shoes of this one that was so great in standing for what is right and speaking boldly to the churches about selfless giving and holy living. he was a friend to the friendless, an encouraging voice to the weary, a help to the helpless and a pastor to the nation.
"the spirit of the Lord  is saying arise in this time, this is the moment to take your place and live out what I have for you to do in this hour.  there is coming a day when no man will work.....will you work for me today?"

April 12, 2011

God Reality

it is two different things to know God than it is to be known by Him. not all people who sound religious are really godly.  they may refer to me as 'Lord' but that doesn't mean they will go to heaven...the decisive issue is whether they obey my Father in heaven.  on judgment day many will tell me, 'Lord, Lord,' we prophesied, cast out many demons and performed many miracles in your name.  but I will reply 'I never knew you' go away the things you did were unauthorized. matt. 7:21;23 these people knew God and knew of His power and even used God's power but again it isn't about experiencing the power of God that will get us to heaven but by obeying the Father to by known by Him. when we don't make a deliberate decision to be known by God, by default we have already chosen eternal death. what we choose to do with God while alive seals our eternal destination PLEASE, choose to be known by Him now.

April 8, 2011

God's Plan Doesn't Change

God's plan for mankind hasn't changed. He loves us and He has good things for us...why is it we find this so difficult to comprehend. could it be that we have structured our thought process after culture which is full of self serving "opinions" and "experiences". for those of us that want to change and are tired of the mindset that shapes society meaning we're stressed, overwhelmed, anxious, fearful, losing hope, etc.... we can choose to renew our mind and follow after the only thing that is unshakable and never changing ~truth~ it is a solid foundation to anchor our life and as we "know God and are known by Him" we can be secure in these days of uncertainty. going against the majority takes work....be brave, be strong, don't give up. without God nothing makes sense. Ps.32:24&16:2