highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

October 11, 2011

He has it all under Control~

The Living God is here right now to come to our rescue. He is all powerful and will show Himself faithful and true. He is more than able and willing to do what no power of man can do.  He is like a vapor that can seep into any crack or crevice; areas that no man can reach, our God can bring His soothing touch and heal the scars and the fractures that can come from life.  As we put all our trust and confidence in Him we will witness our Faithful One come to our rescue.  Let’s praise Him now, even in the midnight hour, for He has it all under control! 

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