highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

March 28, 2016

Spiritual Interruption

The world is having a 'Spiritual Interruption,' as an apostolic anointing is being activated into its function on the earth.  Many are coming into their gifting and learning to operate in it, as a necessary role that will fulfill the greatest move of God.  This great awakening is quickly approaching and is not a result of one denomination or organization.  It’s birthed out of God’s extravagant love and mercy for mankind.  Embracing what makes God’s heart glad, Unity and Love, will be a wise choice for “Christ followers” in these days.   Rise above the challenge of settling for religion and receive a “Spiritual Transfusion” that changes from the inside out and sets your destiny into motion.   #RadicalLove #HeartsUnited

January 14, 2016

The GREATER is yet to come!

There are many that are being drawn to this place to satisfy the inner voice of man that is crying out, "there has to be more to life than this".
This "crying out" comes from deep within us as a God given response to the lack of our Spirit being satisfied by life.
We will look to many things to silence this cry within.
We'll look to man, to our work, to family, friends, entertainment, religion etc.
There's no amount of distance that we can travel, no amount of money that we can obtain, no level of status with friends that will take this deep cry away from us.
Until we connect to the life giver of our Spirit, we'll continue our empty pursuit as we travel looking for solace, for this voice from within.
If you're one of many that right now recognizes this story that describes you're life, you have an opportunity to find solace that will silence this voice within.
You can find peace as you connect to the ONLY source that will give a lasting fulfillment to this cry.
It's God, not in the form of religion, but in relationship.
Doing good for others, such as taking care of the poor or helping those who are in need, will only make your soul man, your mind, will and emotion, feel good.  It's not the cry from within that will be silenced by the things that we can do in the natural.
Finding TRUTH about the Spirit realm, and that there is only one way to take this deep gnawing voice away, is found in this relationship that says, I choose to go HIS way, not mine.
If you truly want to have this inner voice at peace.  Come to know HIM at HIS level for us, not at our understanding of things in the natural, but embracing Him as our life.  As we look deep into who HE is, looking to have HIM answer at a deep revelation knowledge, this is nothing that we can produce on our own.  Christ the Lord is calling each one of us into something much more than where we're at today.  Let Him, produce the fulfillment of "there is more to this life"  as we invite HIM to speak to our heart of the GREATER things of this life.  I invite you to continue this journey with me and FIND the missing PEACE to life, as the greater is yet to come.

January 2, 2016

Walking in the Breath of God....

There are some things in life that you're not able to talk your self through.
You're unable to shake it off and move forward.
Suddenly, you find your self in a  "lock down" mode in life that can come from an addiction, depression, isolation, pride or even religiousness.
Or possibly a thought process that you were born with or developed as a result of your environment, or a life experience.
And sometimes it's a result of poor life choices.
You might not be able to see it for what it really is, a prison cell that the enemy is holding you captive in.
The good news is this, the enemy isn't the keeper of the key. We don't have to go to him to access freedom.
Our freedom from anything and everything that holds us captive, a prisoner against our will, is found in God.
God isn't one that tells us, "you made your bed, now lie in it". He is always FOR us to succeed. He is always ready to help us in our weakness and get us out of the difficult place we find our self in.

When you're looking for Him, you'll find Him.
Because He's right by your side. He's walking life with you, keeping His eyes on you, aware of the pain that no one can see.
His promise is kept as He says, He will NEVER leave us and NEVER forsake us. You are not in this alone.
The holder of the Key to your freedom, is walking with you.
Take His hand and begin to walk close to him. 
Close enough to be in His breath.
The very breath of creation, where He spoke earth into existence, creating something new.
Walk close enough to be in His breath that can raise the dead.
To experience the breath of Him, means turning our face to His.
As He breathes on us, His breath will produce change into us.
We will find freedom.
Walking in His breath  The captive is set free.

December 24, 2015

Hijacked Holiday!

It's not clear.  There seems to be confusion as to this season of celebration.
Some are bothered about Christmas being called "The Holiday Season".
And yet, is it Christ that's really celebrated or have we hijacked His birthday and decided to celebrate us on His day.
Do we then trade birthdays with Him and celebrate Him on our birthday!?!
I haven't seen that done yet.
If we could physically see Christ here on earth, do you think He would feel celebrated on His day?
How you ask, could we celebrate Him on His birthday.
When we give to the poor, that's considered giving as to God. 
When we visit the shut in, the lonely, the prisoner.  That's considered ministry as unto Him.
When we feed and cloth the needy, that's doing it as unto Christ.
We'll do just enough of helping the poor to ease our conscience, but it's time for us to
 take a true assessment, who it is we're actually celebrating.
Him, the CHRIST of this day or has He been replace with an idol of self.
Could this be what scripture speaks of  "as the end approaches there will be very difficult times, men will be lovers of themselves, self absorbed, loving pleasure more than God."
Let's work together to shake off this addiction of self.
Let's return to the who, we celebrate in CHRISTmas!

As you have read this I hope it's not read with condemnation, because that's not what was intended by this.  It comes from a place of time spent with the Father and Him speaking of how mankind has truly replaced Him, even at Christmas, with themselves, and with what seems right to man. This is truly birthed out of a cry from within me, asking God how do we celebrate Him during this season and asking HIM to change me and make me into the image of what He intended His Children to be.
This is from my heart to yours,
Merry Christmas!

December 22, 2015

Tis the Season, to be Weary......

Many of us look forward to this time of year and spend countless hours searching out "just the right" gift for a friend or family member. Rushing around, shopping, wrapping, cooking, baking, partying, aka exhaustion.
All the while, God is bending low to hear us.   Waiting for us to take the time to talk with Him.
He bends His ear to catch those things that we desire or need to discuss with Him.
 He's forever looking for us to come to Him, His arms outstretched to minister to us in the distresses of our life and to strengthen us in our weaknesses. 
His Love for us is immeasurable.
His desires for us to succeed are beyond our own dreams.
Let's get back to the point of this celebration, it's not about man, but about Him.
Let's shake off the weariness that we've created, and embrace this great King who came and provided more than we deserve.
He is the only one worthy of such a grand celebration, called Christmas.
Let's slow down and silence the rush, join in this wonderful time of celebration, because of HIM.
Be still and know this God,  the CHRIST of the season!

July 30, 2013

From a Whisper to a Roar!

July 29, 2013



“There’s a whisper that’s about to change into a roar, it’s the Lion of Judah, that’s soon coming in Spirit, to awaken all those who sleep and all those who have tried to ignore the voice of the Most High God.


This roar will come with a shout of victory.

This voice will resound within the barrenness of the human heart and it will produce life for those that are a walking, dead believer.


The hollowness will depart and a true genuine move of My Spirit will produce a healthy, living, breathing man that is no longer dry, dead bones.


The mountains of despair, hopelessness and loneliness within lives will leave, and a true healthy body will spring forth, giving life to others that are in a deep, dark place.


No longer will there be a dry and thirsty land, but the Springs of Living water will flow and those who are needy will come and drink deeply of this River of Life, which is the Word of God.


Hardness of the soil within man’s heart will be tilled up and will produce a fullness, a bountiful harvest of blessing of the Spirit.


No other day or time can compare to what is about to happen on the planet.  A true miraculous harvest of souls, and then The End will come.


Be watching.  Be waiting.  Be praying.


This is an awakening that will come like a tsunami; and powerful, magnificent things in the Spirit realm will transpire.


Multitudes, Multitudes will see the Lord and bask in His presence. 

There is no power of man that can start or stop this mighty move of God, that is almost here.


Arise the hour has come for you to be drawn by the power of the most High God. 


Rejoice! You were created for this!!!!

March 11, 2013

Sin Conscience~

To  live with a sin conscience is always being aware of our sin and of those that are sinning around us.  When our mind is consumed with a constant awareness of sin, it is difficult to accept and live in the freedom of God's grace. 

 God's plan wasn't for us to be ever conscience of our sins, but instead, to be set free from the bondage of sin. He desires for us to renew our mind and to be ever conscience of this gift of grace that covers all our sin.

Understanding this great exchange of our sin for this unlimited gift of grace, will create a deep appreciation and love for our Savior.  We no longer are consumed by sin conscience, but now live in an awareness of this gift of AMAZING GRACE, and we now are consumed with the love of Christ.  This truly is the "great exchange".

February 26, 2013

Spiritual Adultery

Both believers and unbelievers have this place in the soul man that is broken and crying out to God to be made whole.  Often this "crying out"  is displayed through behavior of a negative emotion, so this crying out  gets mislabeled as a "problem that needs to be dealt with".

Our negative emotion will either drive us into a of  place seeking out the deeper things of God or it will drive us into looking for a replacement to our God. Causing us to look for someone or something to fix or dull this negative emotion within.  Could it be, as a believer, if we choose a replacement God, we are committing Spiritual Adultery.

We'll look to outside means like drugs, alcohol, sex, entertainment, relationships, eating disorders, etc. all of which are trying to dull or mask the affect of this negative emotion.  But this can turn on us and create a secondary problem of addiction, which becomes a monster that will control our life.

Or we can stuff this emotion, and deny it's existence, limping along in life, living broken on the inside, a life without victory.

Despair, anger, sadness, fear, shame, jealously are all negative emotions that "church culture" looks down on and tells us to "stop" these behaviors.  Negative emotions can be a wonderful thing if we use it to propel us into the deeper things of God.

But often we try to train our self to have "good christian behavior".  Such as; if one has a problem with anger, he can train himself to no longer display this anger. This is a discipline that man can possess denying the need for God.   When we say, "God I've got this one" I'll fix my own problem, then our behaviour will no longer display itself in anger but now mutates into something deeper and more insidious, feeding into a prideful, religious spirit, because we have attained this through relying on our self and ignoring our need of God.  We've denied our self an encounter with God to do a "life changing" work within us that will not only heal our brokenness, but has the power to turn despair and hopelessness into a miracle of gratitude and worship.

Any time we try to fix an internal problem with an external thing, or when we fix our problem with self made determination, denying help from God, we have committed spiritual adultery.

All our unmet emotional desires point to a hunger for God to bring restoration, healing, a wholeness to our life that only He can fulfill.  God is relational, He doesn't want us to deny our problems but instead bring them to Him and engage in honest conversation, recognizing our need of His restorative work in our life.

Culture says, we have a right to be happy and if you're not happy, then find a quick fix to meet that need, when actually it's our soul man once again calling out to God.
Do we recognize this calling out, or are we too busy trying to find "our next fix"?

February 18, 2013

I AM that GOD!

I am the God of the miraculous, the unbelievable and the unexplainable.

I am the builder of the broken walls.
I am the healer of the wounded.
I am the God of restoration.
I am that God.

I am not the God of  "maybe He will", no I am the God who DOES the miraculous. I am that God.

I am the God that makes all things new.
I am the God who causes the lame to dance, and the mute to sing.
I am the God who does what no man can do.
The God that does the miraculous.
Yes, I am that God.

February 12, 2013


We're on the home stretch of this journey.
But truthfully, it's difficult to say exactly where we are in the timeline of these last days. 
We see the signs that indicate "the day" is fast approaching.....

So here we are prepping for the end, but are we still engaged in this life and in the lives of others.  Or are we just waiting it out. 
It seems that it's easier to live by the old saying " us four and no more" and close off the world and hope for the best.

But we're called to live in this world and make disciples.  This can only happen as we're involved in others lives.  Living outside of the boundaries that the enemy tries to create, attempting to keep us shackled in.  His plan is to keep us in isolation, creating a sense that it's impossible to reach out to others.

Now, possibly more than ever, we need to be people that are involved in helping others find the source of our hope.
We need to be ever vigilant, working for Him now, as Christ says "there is coming a day when no man will work".
Will we work for Him today?