highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

October 29, 2011

Your Will be Done~

God, your will be done, on Earth as it is in Heaven.
We often pray this without thought.... to arrive at the will of God, it may take us down a journey we didn't expect to travel......  As we're seeking the will of God it seems that it should be easy to have God align us to His will.  But, before we arrive at this place, sometimes we go through the fire......we think "this can't be right, God would never allow this"...... or we think "this is a detour from the enemy...."
And yet, upon final inspection, when we look within our self we see a new reflection of our Father, and an awareness of His presence ever with us.   This now is sounding more and more like the will of God.  We are now made into the image of Christ exuding his presence.
This has the signature of God written all over it.
God help us to always choose "your will be done". 

October 26, 2011

Out of Our Control~

Don't grow weary in well doing.  I have not called you to live a life that you can accomplish in the natural.  I have put upon you a mantle that can only be accomplished through My strength.  If it were something that you would be able to do within your self ~ then you would receive the credit for it.  I am worthy of all praise and I will not share My glory with anyone.  I alone will  receive the glory for the things that can only be accomplished by My Spirit.  Look out side of your self and into the Spirit of God, because I am impressing upon you to live at a level that requires more from you than you are able to do on your own.  I make dry bones come to life.  I part the sea.  I calm the storms.  I raise the dead.  I heal the lame, and blind eyes see.  I open the Earth and entomb rebellious Korah.  I cause the ax head to swim. I make a donkey speak......
Why would you even consider trying to perform in life from your own strength and ability when I offer you the supernatural power from My Spirit to live, move and have your being.
Live beyond your self  and LIVE through Me.

"Yield to My Spirit"

The Spirit of God is saying "yield to My Spirit".   There are areas of your life that you still seek to control, and you struggle with completely yielding to My Spirit.  At times you arrive at this place with Me when you give Me permission to use you in all areas of your life, but it only lasts for a moment. TRUST ME.  This is a time in season where I am asking of you to release everything to Me....all your desires, dreams and wishes, there is so much more that I have for you, but it will not come as long as you hold on tightly to those things that you think you can control. I have good things for you ~ allow Me to be the author of the rest of your life story.


This is a time when the Spirit of God is moving upon the Earth in such a way that we are being ushered into this place that is only led by our Spirit man. It's a new way of hearing and we have not experienced this before..... It is a voice we only hear in the Spirit realm.
In the past we didn't act upon what we heard unless we received confirmation in the natural realm.  But things have shifted to a new level and we are walking by faith and not by sight.  There seems to be a nudging in the Spirit that is unspoken but comes with a weightiness of the power of God and the scent of His presence.
As we are in this season of training, it requires different things of us as we enter into the presence of our God.  We realize NOTHING belongs to us, we are on this Earth only borrowing the things we claim ownership to.  We are here on Earth to be USED for the purposes of God.  So we need to stop posturing ourselves for our kingdom and abandon everything we think we have ownership to, into the loving arms of the our Father.  A new day has dawned and we are now walking "by faith".

Access Wide Open~

This is not a time to wait but to press on and move into all that I want you to do in this hour. I have given you the Keys to Heaven....come and enter in. The access to Me is wide open and I will meet with you and give you all that you need to accomplish those things that I have put within your Spirit to do. It is not by your might or by your power so why do you continue to worry and look within your self for something that you can't even do with out ME.  It is by My Spirit that you will accomplish these things that I have placed within you, says the Spirit of the Lord.

October 25, 2011

Trust and Obey

Count it as all joy, when you go through trials and tribulations.......  How easy this is to quote to someone else, when they are going through "stuff".  But somehow this quote for us, when we're in the fire, doesn't seem so comforting. To count it as JOY when we are suffering??? When we can understand this and put it into practice we have taken our faith to a whole new level bridging the gap of doubt;  putting an end to excusing our behavior or thoughts that are opposite the Word of God.  We now stand in a place with Christ; having faith in His Word, trusting in our Heavenly Father that He is truly working all things for our good. We are simply living a life of  "trust and obey".

October 21, 2011

Suit Up!

My Child, it's the dawning of a new day.  The time has come to rise up; and strap on your marching boots; and position your self in The Army of The Lord, as the mighty ones in Spirit are gathering for a tearing down of strongholds.  There is a freshness in the air as we march side by side, it is the mighty ones strengthening each other as they have heard the same battle cry.  It's not a time to lament the past but to press on, for the victory lies ahead.  There is strength in numbers, but there is GREATER strength in My Spirit and I will fight this battle for you. Just as I had Gideon go into battle with few in number I will do the same for you, I will come and demolish any weapon that rises up against you. This is a time for casting down of strongholds.  This happens in the spirit,  but it does require time spent with Me singing, dancing, praising and pushing back the enemy as you seek My face.  Time spent with Me will do more than any physical strength can do.  Time spent with Me will do more than any of your own thoughts or ideas could do.  Don't go into battle unprotected, suit up by being in My presence.  "MARCH, I say MARCH".............

October 19, 2011

"Climb Aboard"

Higher, so much higher are My ways, says the Lord Almighty. 
When you experience pain and suffering beyond your ability to control, I see an opportunity for a miracle.
When you travel through the "valley of death" fear no evil for I am with you.  This "valley" has a very different feel than your every day trial.  In the Spirit realm, it has a uniqueness about it and you know "I have never walked this route before". It is definitely a path, that in the natural feels of danger.  But I speak "Peace" to you because I am with you.  I know the terrain is rough and the edges are jagged, but I am holding your hand and at times I carry you on My shoulders. I am walking this with you.  I know this path is narrow and has steep drop-offs, but I have a different perspective.
I see new growth, I see new life, I see a freshness in the spirit, I see an impartation that is on the horizon, I see victory.
You're welcome to climb on My shoulders as we walk this together, you will see the view is much different from here.


If "busyness" could fix things, we would have no trouble in our life.  But the reality is this.....that busyness is a distraction.  There is a genuine need for change to come to this broken world and the only antidote is on our knees before the Almighty King who is the author of those things yet written.
We need the Master to imprint His thoughts into our life so we can help bring change to this lost and dying world; and this will only happen as we spend time with Him.  As we gain wisdom and knowledge by being in His presence, we will have the power to live in this environment of distractions, but not allow it to invade our minds.  We will stay steady on our charted course as we spend time on our knees.

"EASY Button"

Why is it that we don't get to pick our battles..... they pick us.  God knows the heart of mankind and we would always choose the battle titled "easy", which would produce within us a self-centered approach to life and others.  But when our battles come in many different forms we realize this is more about God structuring us to be changed from within so that we can be used, to strengthen others and encourage them in this walk of life. 
There are times in life we would love to push the "easy button" because the battle is bigger than we can endure.  That's when we need to lean into the arms of our Heavenly Father; and tap into the Spirit of the Most High God. We need to take the "trump card" that HE offers which is, "this battle belongs to GOD", He wants to fight it for us. When our battle is too big to handle, we need to LEAN upon the everlasting arms of God, that is our "easy button".

October 18, 2011


The walls of our Jericho must come down; and they will come down with a shout of triumph!!! As children of the "Most High God"  are not to walk defeated, but to march with purpose exposing the strongholds which are weakened as we march and they will crumble with  our praise!  That's the rumbling that can be heard in the Spirit....it's the walls tumbling down! We as believers "put up" with too many things in life that the enemy sends to re-enforce the walls  ~ But the time has come for us to "MARCH" and break down the barriers and hindrances that have been allowed to build up and be part of our life.  NO MORE do we accept these walls and integrate them into our life.  "MARCH"  I say "MARCH"
and the walls came a tumbling down!

October 16, 2011


There is excitement in the air...
There is great anticipation and unusual expectation .....
The spirit realm is busy with the positioning of all things for the breaking down of strongholds. 
An awareness is being ushered in of the GREATNESS of our God and it will cause a great stirring in the Earth. This stirring is not man made, but a heavenly visitation that will bring excitement to the church, as believers are set free.  It will also awaken a desire from the world to investigate this
"new thing" that has arrived with such force. There will be such an unusual presence of the "ALMIGHTY" that man will be compelled to drop to his knees in holy reverence. Many will turn to our loving Father, eager to yield to Him, allowing God all authority in their lives. It will be a time period when we will experience Him in Presence, Healing, Help, Deliverance, Restoration, Miracles, Signs, Wonders and most importantly as our SAVIOR.
What's coming is such an awareness of who HE truly is, that we will join in the resounding song from the skies....."HOW GREAT is OUR GOD"!

October 15, 2011

We're not Alone~

We are not in this race alone, we run along-side partners in the faith.  And we’re asked to embrace others that run with us as some are suffering loss and staggering to maintain their pace.  Our goal is to encourage, strengthening those that are weary and beat down, with  afflictions of the heart engraved deep upon their mind.  These afflictions which are great force them to carry extra weight, that hinders their stride as they falter and faint.  We’re not to push past them, but stop to embrace, and as we reach out in love it will help them finish their race.

October 14, 2011

Friend of God~

It is not as you see it now, but truly there is a different scene that is transpiring in the "spirit realm" .  It can be sensed now in the Spirit, but will not manifest in the natural realm until laterAs with Abraham; it is good to be identified as "a friend of God" ~ one that God will speak to, giving direction for life. The Spirit of God is fully aware of our present circumstances and needs, and those areas that we have titled "too much to handle" or "impossible". We can be sure that He is working right now for us, in the unseen realm, as our protector and manager in life. And "as a friend of God" we will hear the directing of His voice by way of dreams, visions, words.... that will bring a confidence that He is fully in control of our life and directing our every step.

October 13, 2011

There is POWER in relationship!

There is power in relationship.  As we link our arms in the Masters we will go further and stronger than we ever could alone.  We are advancing into areas of life that have been closed off regardless of it being intentional by us or others.  There has been a steady grind and a wearing down of the mighty men and women of faith, yet they have endured and are giants in the land for the conquering and pulling down of strongholds.  Beware of the spirit of apathy whispering in your ear,” things are never going to change”.  Beware of the spirits called coward, victim and isolation…..they would love to keep stride with us, as in the past, and try to dictate our destination. We have been called to rise up and shake off those things that have hindered us. In the past there have been areas that have been off limits to be used for the purposes of God.  But it’s a new day and the season has begun.   Expect miracles, blessings and power that come from the unity of relationship with our Master.  We have the spirit of an over comer that is courageous and suited for battle, conquering the present needs and struggles and yet not neglecting the past, but reaching back to reclaim the lost and weary soldiers limping in this race.


October 12, 2011

My Voice~

Do you hear My voice in the thunder.  Can you see My strength in the waves.  Can you feel My force when the winds blow or do you acknowledge My presence in the breeze.   I am all around you, My presence is as near as you allow.  I don’t set the limitations of our relationship….it is solely yours to control.  I  do things to cause our relationship to flourish; I will seek for your attention to acknowledge My name, but it's always up to you, My child, to respond as I offer you My grace.  I come to you gently, calling to the stillness of your heart.  You never need to question or ever wonder if I am by your side.  Truth is, I will never leave you or forsake you, only you alone can ignore Me and abandon this gift of grace.  I am ever knocking and earnestly calling out your name.  When you hear the thunders rumble or hear the ocean's roaring waves remember it's My voice calling, respond and don't hesitate.

October 11, 2011

He has it all under Control~

The Living God is here right now to come to our rescue. He is all powerful and will show Himself faithful and true. He is more than able and willing to do what no power of man can do.  He is like a vapor that can seep into any crack or crevice; areas that no man can reach, our God can bring His soothing touch and heal the scars and the fractures that can come from life.  As we put all our trust and confidence in Him we will witness our Faithful One come to our rescue.  Let’s praise Him now, even in the midnight hour, for He has it all under control! 

October 7, 2011

He is on His Way~

We will not bow to the pressures in life instead we will bow before our Maker and King; our strength and help will come from settling down in complete dependence on God.  He is an all-consuming fire that will burn away those areas in our life that have been held hostage, exploited by the enemy.  This process will refine our spirit transforming us as though pure gold crafted from the Master’s hand.   As we trust in Him let's allow God complete access to those areas that we have guarded or closed off.  This is a time of re-shaping because without the intervention of God we are hopeless, therefore, we speak to our emotions, we speak to our mind, and we speak to our heart….rejoice, because God is coming to our rescue.  As we lean into Him we will witness the living God, He is a savior and rescuer.  He performs astonishing miracles.  God is here, right here, He is on his way to put things right.  He’s on this Way!  He’ll rescue us!  

October 6, 2011

We Won't WAVER~

Let the winds blow and the storm push against us, it won’t cause us to alter the plans that God has for us, it only increases our need to stay on track, steady in God.    After all, we are citizens of  Heaven and the road we’re taking isn’t called “easy street”, it's called the “Highway to Holiness” it is the road less traveled and very few find it.  So, we take the approach of praise~ celebrating our God, as our praises shape our prayers once again our spirit rejoices and we sense The Master coming alongside us in our trouble…it truly is a beautiful thing.  So let’s celebrate God all day long.  We won’t waver!

October 5, 2011

Catch the WAVE!

There is a mighty wave of the Spirit that is coming in Great power; to bring deliverance to those in bondage, healing to the sick, wholeness to the hurting, restoration to the broken, and salvation to those seeking.  Catch the wave of the Spirit as it is approaching with a thunderous roar.  This wave is mounting and building, gaining momentum that will take us into the power of God Almighty with a great display of miracles, signs and wonders.   We, as the friends of God, need to be united in the purposes of God and celebrate the greatness of the King of Kings.  As we catch the wave of the Spirit there will be a victory shout that will be recorded in the heavenlies that we, the mighty Warriors, are marching in unity established not by the power of man, but by the living God, who is breathing into the very wave that the Warriors are riding.  Catch the WAVE! 

October 4, 2011

The Struggle is not Between us and God~

God is always for us….so the struggle lies within the very heart of man to have his own will and his own way.  As we continue to say yes to God and no to “self” we loosen the grip of “I want it my way” and we  allow the divine will of God to manifest His purpose within us.   Our circumstance may not change but our hearts will change at which point we gain the transformation of having our minds renewed.  This is a road less traveled and not a popular choice to break the mould of not conforming to the ways of man or put another way,  when our mind is renewed we realize it is not at all about us….it is all about Him.  That’s when the “peace of God” will come and we will have the courage to live the life God wants us to live even when the going gets tough.     

October 3, 2011


When the path is unclear and the way is uncertain, follow the One who is ever present, guiding us along the unfamiliar pathway of life.  Faithful is His name, He gives help to the weary and direction for the wanderer.  As we take the road that’s less traveled there will be fewer road signs to follow therefore, we are called to “walk by faith and not by sight.”  The road will at times take detours we don’t expect, but there is blessing in the process of trusting the One who is faithful and True.  He will lead us in the pathway that is planned to take us to our destination in life.  Trust God as He is faithful to lead the way.