highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

November 19, 2011

Deep Calls~

There's a richness that is produced in life as we linger, in God's presence, growing our Spirit man.  This is the place where the purposes of God and the plans of man collide; causing us to awaken to our need of allowing God full control of our life.  This is when "Deep calls unto Deep", transferring in the Spirit realm the desires of man into a work of spiritual destiny.  This time that we spend in His presence, will give us a new understanding that God's ways are higher and better than our ways; causing us to alter our plans and align them to the plans of God.  It's a lasting transformation that allows our roots to grow deep, creating a fruitfulness to the soil of our heart.  Deep is calling unto Deep....He is waiting for us to meet Him there.


    Cast aside those things that weigh you down.  The Spirit of the Lord says, this heaviness of heart is not from Me.  I offer freedom from your weariness and I replace it with a light heart and an ease of My Spirit.  Develop this place with Me, lingering in My presence, not rushed by the cares of your mind.  In the quiet of the night you will find Me there.  In the stillness of your mind, you will find Me there.  Where ever you go, I am there when you choose to seek Me.  There is none like Me, I truly stick closer than a brother.  It's always up to your option in choosing to speak to Me or to allow Me in to speak to the quietness of your Spirit.  It's in moments like these, when I transfer the things from this world that have been embedded in your mind, into the things unseen, that impart a heavenly destiny. This is when your mind is renewed and your brokenness is healed.  I am the lifter of your head.....Time in My presence is time well spent.

November 14, 2011

Building Strong~

We're all in a Building Program called "life".  As we work at laying the foundation of our Spirit life, while growing our relationship with God, it can often feel tedious.  We'll consider taking short cuts, thinking we can arrive at the same place, but much quicker.  We need to invest our time with God to build our foundation well.  This will give us a settled and level ground to create a strong and solid life, that will allow us to stand through the test of time and the calamities in life.  We've all seen what happens when the building process is compromised; as the strong winds blow and the earth begins to shake, it never ends well.  So it is with our life.  If we've taken short cuts to build our relationship with God, we will realize at the very moment when we need a depth to our spirit, that suddenly we are standing in need of something that we thought wasn't necessary and now realize it's a vital part of our very existence with the Father. Let's take the time to Build STRONG.

Just Settle it Now~

Just settle it now, it's all about GRACE.
It's a profound thing when we recognize the signature of God's undeniable GRACE.
He covers our sins, offering us freedom, to live under the umbrella of His abounding love and  His unlimited GRACE.
Through Him we live with an underlying authority of power, as we function in His matchless GRACE.
He couples His Compassion with Mercy, when once again we recognize our Master's embrace, with the sweet fragrance of His amazing GRACE.
Nothing compares......this is the Love of our Father.
Lord, help us not abuse this precious gift.....
All things are permissible, but not all things are beneficial.

We're Mountain Movers!

There are things that transpire in the Spirit realm that can only be accessed by faith. We're in good company as we live this life of faith;
It was by faith that Moses stretched forth his hand and the sea opened.
It was by faith that Peter walked on water.
It was by faith that Joshua blew the trumpets and the walls of Jericho came down.
It was by faith that the woman with the issue of blood reached out and touched Jesus' robe.
It was by faith that Elijah challenged the Baal prophets.
God has assignments for each of us that requires different levels of faith.
We give life to Faith when coupled with an action; which causes a transfer from the heavenly realm, we now are walking by faith and not by sight. Faith by itself is dead, it requires an action to make it produce a result.  Faith by itself, can't speak, it can't walk, or have any function, on it's own it lies dormant.  God requires from us a life of faith; which means we are to be living an action packed life, partnered with our seed of faith, we now are accessing things in the Spirit realm that are unseen to the natural eye. Those unseen things are those supernatural moments, hanging suspended, in the heavenly realm, just waiting on our thread of action to connect to our seed of faith; which causes a trigger of explosion to a "faith that can move mountains"!


There are times runner's keep pace and steady themselves in the race, and then there are times to sprint to the finish line, and that time is now.  Much work needs to be done, in these last days. Run, run with great enthusiasm, the course has been set and the stop watch has been triggered.  Hear the sound from heaven, the great cloud of witnesses are cheering us on.  RUN! Run the race that is set before us.  This is not a time to compete, as we are all running our own race, but this is a time to encourage the other  runners and help them succeed.  We are all running to receive a prize and it is something of more value than any costly possession that can be purchased, it is more valuable than any trophy that we can win.  It is the prize of eternal destiny with the Father as we hear Him say
"well done thou good and faithful servant".  We will all win the prize if we faint not....so run the distant and don't give up......the end is in sight!

November 6, 2011

WOW~ It's Almost HERE!

The Spirit of the Lord says, "there's a fresh wind of My Spirit that is about to break forth".  And those things that you have been contending for will come to pass.  You will see it come to fruition in these next few months.  I have seen you waiting and crying out "when God, when".  Well, I'm telling you now, "the time has come for those that have labored and toiled for righteousness sake, " your ship has arrived", " it will not delay any longer".  A momentous thing has occurred in the heavenly realm and I have spoken the word "do not delay any longer" !!!  This is a time like never before in all of history, you will see the Glory of the Lord and the presence of My power in ways that no man could ever do.  There will be those that will try to copy or imitate My presence, but it will be a sad rendition of My glory.  When the power of My presence comes, you cannot stand under My presence, it will cause both believers and unbelievers alike to bow their knee to the Most Holy One, you will worship and adore Me, the One and Only, the King of Kings. The presence and power that will exude from Me will cause the lame to walk and the blind to see.  Healing, Restoration and much, much more will occur in My Name and My Name alone!

November 4, 2011

Eternal Interest~

Approach the Throne of God with an utterance that can only be heard in the heavenlies.  I hear the deep cry of your soul and I will respond to the needs that you have.  I am not short-sighted, but I have your eternal interest embedded within Me. Do not look outward to the  things of this world, but look to Me, the author and the finisher of your faith.  I have invested the life of My Son for you, so don't think that I don't care, that I don't know you or I don't see you.  My eye has never left you, I have given My Son to redeem you, what have you given Me?  I am looking for you to give your all to Me, as you seek after Me I will provide what you need.  I see the things you need through an eternal perspective, says the Spirit of the Lord, and you will soon understand that's all that matters.

November 3, 2011

"Strike Force"

This is a time to seek the throne of God....There is never a good time to be a "lone wolf" Christian and now, certainly is not that time.  The spirit of the age has fully come; and it is beyond time for we, as believers, to engage with the Spiritual Forces of Heaven to pull down and conquer strongholds that bind the work of the believers in this hour.  Things have advanced, we are at an imminent stage in history..... We are to stand united and strong with other believers who are willing to yield to the work of  the Spirit of God.  This is a time to send out the "strike force" team to demolish those things in the Spirit realm that are causing a wearing down of the saints.  No more will we take this battle in stride, we are doing a full on attack against the powers of darkness to the pulling down of strongholds!

Will you Respond?

You have been inhibited much too long, says the Spirit of the Lord....I have empowered you to be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom.  Step up and step out.  Things have progressed to a point of habitual wickedness across the face of the Earth.  I need the Mighty men and women of God to come forth and be what I have created you to be in this day that you live in .  This is not a time to procrastinate, but to move ahead looking forward to the things that have I placed upon your Spirit to become.  Don't be distracted by the evil around you, but gather your strength from Me and approach the throne of God with a loud cry for the people of the land.  Hasten, the time has come for all who will listen, quicken your steps toward Me and the things that I have for you to accomplish in these last days.  Much work is left to be done.  Will you respond to the call?

November 2, 2011


Advancing and forward thinking are  the things that God has for us.  A conscious decision to live our life looking ahead.  The Children of Israel often looked to their past and it took them to a place of wandering in the wilderness for 40 years.  We don't have the luxury to wander, we are too close to the end of times....we need to press ahead and not loiter behind.  We're in a time in history, when there is a longing within us for an easier time, often causing us to look to our past, living through our memories....if practiced often, this will cause us to become stagnant.  And when our mind is stagnant; we will be immobile, not moving ahead, always looking back is not living at all.  Looking back will not produce life. Let's not get stuck in our past, but let's be a spiritual reformist, in a continuous motion of forward-looking, activly pursuing God who gives life to the moment we're living in.


God gives us  a song in the night....
Sing it loudly, sing it strong.
As we sing it will silence the thoughts of doubt and fear that try to impede our spirit.
Singing will propel hope and a remembrance that we are victorious.
As we sing it creates an atmosphere of joy not allowing the dark clouds to settle upon the soul.
This song will implore angels to come and  war on our behalf.
sing, Sing, SING!!!!