highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

November 3, 2011

Will you Respond?

You have been inhibited much too long, says the Spirit of the Lord....I have empowered you to be a mighty warrior for the Kingdom.  Step up and step out.  Things have progressed to a point of habitual wickedness across the face of the Earth.  I need the Mighty men and women of God to come forth and be what I have created you to be in this day that you live in .  This is not a time to procrastinate, but to move ahead looking forward to the things that have I placed upon your Spirit to become.  Don't be distracted by the evil around you, but gather your strength from Me and approach the throne of God with a loud cry for the people of the land.  Hasten, the time has come for all who will listen, quicken your steps toward Me and the things that I have for you to accomplish in these last days.  Much work is left to be done.  Will you respond to the call?

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