highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

December 21, 2011

Take Heart~

In this life you will have trouble, but take heart, I have overcome the world.
Miracles are waiting to be released into your life.  Good things are waiting for those that will put their faith in Me.  A healing and mending of the brokenness that lies within you, restoring those areas within you that man can't heal.  There are hurts that have caused a callous to surround your heart. I will turn your heart of stone into a heart of flesh; once again you will feel with the tenderness of a child's heart.  I know the pain you have endured and the suffering that lies within you. Yes, I am a God of compassion, but your suffering is not what moves My hand.  Faith in Me make the impossible, possible.

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