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We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

January 17, 2012

There is Order~

There is order in the Throne Room.  As we enter the Throne Room, in the presence of a King, we will soon realize there is an order that we become a part of.  We don't enter the Throne Room and take control, giving the orders of what's to happen and how it will happen, no, we submit to the orders that are spoken in the room.  So it is in the Heavenly Throne Room.  When we enter the presence of the King of Kings, we soon realize there is order in His Throne Room. And after being in His presence we will know our place.  We don't enter and put things in order....as we abide in His presence, He puts His order within us, aligning our will to His....what a beautiful thing to enter, abide and be changed by the presence of the King of Kings, submitting to the things He has for us.  It will have a much different effect within our lives than us trying to order the Spirit, trying to take control of life and situations, as though God is a puppet on a string. Yes, He has given us all power and authority, not to be used as we see fit, giving Him the orders; instead we are to "only do those things we see the Father doing".  This speaks of being in relationship with the Father, hearing His voice and following His lead. Oh God, give us ears to hear what the Spirit is saying.

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