highway to holiness

We each are on a journey in this life as though traveling on a highway. Each one of our decisions direct us on this highway that ultimately leads us to our final destination, eternity. We need to choose wisely as each decision really does matter. Our most important decision is, what will we do with Jesus. Eternity, Eternity.....where will you spend eternity and what will you do with Jesus! Travel Wisely!

January 12, 2012


We are stepping into a different time and season.  When God says, "step", we move as He instructs.  We've given our selves much liberty to do in this life as we please, doing what we think is best, according to our own plan or agenda.  God gave His Son as an example of how to live this life on the earth. He only did those things He saw The Father doing.  This is a different perspective than the standards of this world.  God says, don't boast of your plans, but let Him direct our every step.  And the world says, we are the one to set the standard for our life, we are the one that accomplishes great things.  If left to our own thoughts and ways, we are limiting great opportunities that God has planned for us.  "I do all things well, My ways are much higher than your ways, so wait on Me, listen for My instruction and then "step".  I offer you more than you can think, dream or imagine, so why live according to your knowledge, let Me truly direct your every "step" and take you to heights you never thought possible."

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